Select Aquatics of Erie, CO.
     Plecostomus "Green Dragon" Longfin
    Temp. - 73-82 degrees

     Good Water Quality:
  Aeration, Water Movement,
       Good filtration 

    Supplement diet with
  Zucchini or Green Beans
   Will grow to 6 inches

   Good Community Fish
   Not Difficult to Breed-
    40- 200 young born

          for Availability   

      Some say these don't look
      like Dragons. They haven't
      seen this line of plecos!

     Easily one of the most extravagant and bizarre of the long fin plecos, this line is being selectively bred
    for extensive finnage and the best green color possible. They are perfectly peaceful in a community 
    aquarium, and will continue to eat algea throughout their lives.

    They are not especially difficult to breed, and larger pairs will produce up to 200 eggs per spawn, young pairs
    may only produce 40-50 eggs at first. Young are raised with a combination protein/ vegetable diet, with 
    multiple water changes daily in grow out tubs until they are large enough to be put into a tank of their own.

    As with most of the sucker mouthed catfishes, for them to thrive, and certainly to breed, regular feeding of
    Blanched Zucchini or canned green beans (just rinse and throw them directly into the aquarium) is essential.
    One concern is that their finnage can become very exaggerated, and tankmates prone to fin nipping may need
    to be kept in a separate aquarium. For more information on their care and breeding, click Here for the 
    Care Guide. Also see "Breeding the Bristlenose plecostomus" for more pics and info.

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        Here is a young male
       showing off his finnage.
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                                    These are right about 2 inches


                Are They Really Green?

      This is a group of short fin Green Dragons being sorted for color.
      All the longfin plecos here are sorted for finnage and color at 3
      different points before being sold.

      These fish above are closely related, and many are siblings.
      On the left are fish of the color generally available in the
      hobby, and the green is often fairly subtle. On the right is
      the green color that we sort for here, and hope to offer only
      fish of that color as breeding continues. Though yellow/green 
      when young, color will darken as they age to a more forest
      green, such as this young adult male on the left. The
      original breeding stock were colored like those on the
      left, and the color on the right has been selected for
      here for over 4 generations, in an effort to create a stronger
      green color. Though those above are short fins, the coloration
      of the longfins is the same. (The fish in the left tub will go
      to local pet stores.) Click HERE to see more of the 
      shortfinned plecos and prices.
     Some males will have yellow streaking in their fins.
     This is a young male recently selected to be a 
     breeder for the next generation.
     This is a good green color.

     The finnage and color on the females of this line
     almost match the males!


                                                                                             *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

              For those looking to breed the Green Dragon, we are now offering the cave developed here specifically for them,
              based on their preferences. Found to be picky with the caves they choose to breed in, they will often avoid
              other commercially available caves. The Green Dragon males will fight over these caves, even when others are
              present! Offered for just $15 + Shipping, click HERE for more information!

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