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             About Select Aquatics

   Select Aquatics of Erie CO. is a fishroom of over 110 tanks that has been breeding and selling fish to
    hobbyists and universities for the last 13 years. Focusing on only a few species, this setup allows for
    the breeding of larger numbers, working with strains and species that are becoming hard to find,
    or desired but rarely found in good condition. In 2000 a gravity driven water changing setup was
    created that that avoided the drilling of tanks, while providing measured daily  water changes.
    A photo tour of the fishroom can be found here. More in-depth information on  water qualities, setup,
    equipment and procedures can be found at "Keeping Select Aquatics Fish" , "Receiving Shipped Fish"
    and "Fishkeeping Tips".

    From 2000 to 2004, as chairman of the American Livebearer Association, I learned that many 
    hobbyists are looking for a consistent, high quality source for specific, highly desired wild species.
    Rather than offering scores of fish of moderate quality from a variety of sources, I have bred out about
    20 species that are often difficult to find or of special interest. If a species needs to be given time for
    numbers to pick back up, I will continue to post the species and when I expect it will again be available
    (See Species for Sale). If you have suggestions for a species you'd like to see, please let me know.
    In the Fishkeeping Tips section, I attempt to post much of the information you will need to keep
    them, so that your success will help keep some of these fish around that are already endangered or
    extinct in the wild. I have also set up a "Care Tips" section on each species to address many of the
    finer husbandry requirements that some of these species need, based on our experience at raising 
    them consistently and breeding them in quantity. For anyone concerned about the hardiness of each
    species, a guide rating the ease or difficulty of keeping each species can be  found here, while the
    Articles page offers posted and for sale published articles on various aspects of Fishkeeping.
    Lastly, I have included a list of the books I use today and those I have depended upon
    over the years, each with a brief review.

    I take great care that my wild lines stay pure, and generally breed for great health, size and color.
    The goal of Select Aquatics is to maintain select species in quantity that are distinctive and highly
    desired, while often endangered or becoming impossible to import as they once were. The biggest
    limitation is space as the number of species is dictated by the size of this  fishroom, offering species
    desired enough to support the endeavor. Each fall, decisions will be made as to what will be added,
    and what may possibly be dropped from the lineup.

    Through selective breeding I have altered some lines, but there is no crossing of species or
    geographic populations of any of my wild populations.

    I feed primarily commercially available dry food, supplemented with newly hatched brine shrimp
    and daphnia (raised in outdoor tubs). Everything I ship will do fine on dry food, and all appreciate
    regular live and frozen foods for best size, color and large broods of healthy young.

    I encourage you to write me when a fish you are looking for is currently unavailable, and I will put
    you on a wait list so that you will be notified when the fish are ready be shipped.
    See Species for Sale for more information on getting fish that are on a wait list.

    Shipment is done with USPS with prompt and friendly email or phone contact, ensuring that you
    receive your order correct and when expected. Extras of each species are always provided with
    each shipment to cover any that may be lost in shipment, though losses are very rare.
    Each order arrives in a styro box containing carefully packaged fish that are impulse sealed into
    channels within breather  bags, or knotted, 1-2 fish per bag. If you are ever in the Denver area
    you are welcome to stop by, see the fish room or pick up some fish- simply drop me a line so that
    I will be sure to be here when you arrive!

    If you have any questions that may not have been covered here, just ask, and I will get right back
    to you- Also check out a new Frequently Asked Questions section!


    Greg Sage
    Select Aquatics of Erie, CO.
    167 McAfee Circle
    Erie, CO. 80516





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     A Quick Note:

     I have been asked if I am the same Greg Sage that toured as a trumpet player with various bands
    around the country, working out of L.A., Boston and the Sacramento / San Francisco Bay area.
    Yeah, that's me. I graduated from the Norfolk School of Music while a performer in the U.S. Marine
    Band, then obtained a degree in performance from Berklee College of Music, Boston, followed by
    an MEd. from UMASS Boston in Music Ed. then an Educational Administration degree from Colorado
    State University. I was also a K-12 band director in Massachusetts, California and Colorado for 15 years.
    I still play regularly and perform in the greater Denver area. Below is a quick collage of some late night
    clubs in San Francisco with the Dutch Falconi Orchestra, and an interview and solo spot done for PBS 
    in 1996. Simply click on picture below to see video.


      Click on picture to see video of performances with the
      Dutch Falconi Big Band and an interview and solo
      spot for PBS with Van Gordon Sauter.






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