Select Aquatics of Erie, CO

                                                                               The Fishroom


          Select Aquatics is a fishroom of approximately 120 tanks. There is myself and two others that help to complete larger
          projects and who take care of the room when I cannot be there..

          All tanks are bare bottom with a single layer of pea gravel over 30-50% of the tank bottom. Each tank contains aeration
          driven box filters and floating or potted plants. The water is changed 15% daily with an automatic system that uses a
          gravity and siphon type draining process, such that none of the tanks need to be drilled.

          There are roughly 30 species / lines here. You will notice colored labels on each tank that document the tank number, the
          water change zone number (the room is on 6 water change zones), the species in the tank, and the date of the last box filter
          change- the floss in the filters is changed monthly. Extensive filtration keeps ahead of over 180 lbs. of green beans that
          are fed here monthly.  If you are ever in the Denver area, and would like a tour of the room, or would like to stop by and
          pick up fish, please let me know, and we can set up a time!

          If you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to contact me at The majority of the
          tanks were fitted with tops made of a thermal twin wall polycarbonate material to both hold down on evaporation and improve 
          temperature consistency of the tanks, particularly during the wintertime. As well, 10 inch hydroponics fans keep the 
          humidity in the room at 30-40% in the winter, 55-65% in the summer.

          Starting in 2015, the last of the metal racks were replaced with sturdier, heavy duty wooden ones. The instructions for
          building this style of especially simple and sturdy rack, a style that can be made relatively easily with a hand saw and drill,
          is outlined more thoroughly in Fishkeeping Tips #14, Building Tank Stands.

          Where once many pictures of the fishroom were presented on this page, a number of videos on the room have been recently
          posted, and each of those can be seen here - Just click on each picture-


          Greg Sage

          Owner, Select Aquatics

                                   Behind the Scenes Tour, The Select Aquatics Fishroom

                   This video introduces the entire fishroom, the various components,
                    and how each of the various systems have evolved and improved.  
                                                Mechanical and Biological Filtration

          Briefly introducing 12 different methods of mechanical and Biological filtration
         used in this fishroom,this video hopes to show the clear differences in each, and
          how each type of Filtration can be identified as either Mechanical or Biological.
                                         Building an Automatic Water Changing System

                  This video shows how to build the water change system used in this
                  fishroom, and exactly how the "external loop water leveling system"
                         works, including building one and testing it on video.





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