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                                  Levamisole Powder

                                              You Receive:


                 - A Light Resistant Case with a Firm Catch Cap

              - A Light Proof Zip Lock Bag

              - A Levamisole Measuring Spoon (See Below!)


              10g = $25      20g = $40      52g + Spoon = $63.50 

A 10g Packet will treat 500 gallons.



                     Levamisole Powder, Plus Insert with Dosage
                       Instructions and FAQs, Shipping Included.
                         10g = $22    20g = $35      52g = $60



   Levamisole is an often hard to find medication that has long been recognized as a cure for "livebearer Disease", as well as most other 
   worm or parasitic infections. Livebearer disease has become very common in the hobby, and is characterized by a dramatic thinning,
   even though the fish appears to be eating, to the point where they will waste away and eventually die. Other treatments are rarely
   effective, The "disease" is actually a small parasite that lives on the sides of the fish, feeding on its fluids. The fish eventually
   cannot sustain itself and perishes. The organism releases new generations into the water that settle on other fish, and the entire
   tank may succumb. Levamisole is a livestock de-worming dip. Levamisole is also particularly effect against Camallanus worms,
   killing them upon contact.

   See information page shipped with Levamisole HERE.

   Dosage: 1/4 teaspoon will treat a 100 gallon tank. Divide up 1/4 teaspoon into 10 equal parts, putting each 10 gallon dosage into a
   small plastic bag marked "10", etc. Do a water change before treatment. Treat and wait 24 hours. After 24 hours, do another water
   change and treat again. Most fish will tolerate larger amounts than the recommended dosage, and losses are rare after treatment.


                  Levamisole Measuring Spoon


     One Side will Dose 10 gallons of Water,
     The Other will dose 15 Gallons of Water.

     No need to split up the Medication with
     a Razor Blade!

    Levamisole + Kit



    Levamisole Only      

Levamisole Med Only


                                    What is "Livebearer Disease"?

     The pictures above were taken at a friend's fishroom where he is currently dealing with this disease. The tanks were treated shortly after these
     photos were taken. These are tiger limias, a wild swordtail and a Limia perugia male (far right). External parasites feed on the sides of the fish,
     and reproduce into the aquarium to infect other fish. Levamisole is currently the most effective treatment for this condition. Unfortunately, the
     medication has been difficult to find. We are now stocking it here for aquarists to access. Simply email .


                The term "Livebearer Disease" has been used for a variety of conditions. The condition dealt with here is also
                sometimes called "wasting disease". This change in appearance and health- generally leading to death,
                while infecting other fish in the tank, is caused by an external parasite. The treatment that has shown the most
                complete and near immediate positive result has been to dose with Levamisole in two treatments, 24 hours
                apart. In its powdered form, a 1/4 teaspoon will treat 100 gallons.
                Simply divide up the powder to prepare the dosage for the tank about to be treated. Remove any charcoal
                filtration (as it will pull the medication out of the water). Then do a routine 20-30% water change of the tank.
                After the water change, dissolve the prepared powder into a cup of water, then pour into the tank. The next
                day, repeat the process.





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