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                                                  Levamisole hydrochloride Dosage

          On the internet, recommended dosages for this drug vary widely. The dosage I recommend is the same concentration
          as the liquid version sold by pharmaceutical suppliers for aquaculture use.

          Fish may tolerate higher concentrations, but this dosage is effective for all uses of this drug, especially treatment of
          camallanus worms and the parasite responsible for "Livebearer Disease".

          Dosages at higher concentrations should be used with caution as this is a strong drug, and fish may show signs of
          distress when used beyond the recommended dosage.I have not heard of any issues during treatment with plants or
          invertebrates, such as snails, shrimp, etc.

          1/4 teaspoon,approximately 1 gram, will dose a 100 gallon tank once. A treatment is a 25% water change, dose,
          wait 24 hrs., then do another water change, then dose again.

          Watch for signs of recovery, and though rare, I will sometimes do a second treatment after 2-3 weeks. For most
          effective treatment, fill tank to brim during treatment so that medication will get to any remnants of the organisms you
          wish to eradicate that may be up under rim of the tank.

          I would advise removing any carbon or filtering materials that may remove it from your water during treatment.

          I do not treat in the dark or reduce the light during treatment as it works immediately. The levamisole will kill the worms,
          and for a particularly heavy infestation you may wish to siphon clean the bottom to remove any dead organic material.

          Here I will split up a quarter teaspoon on a coffee saucer with a razor blade into 10 sections by eye, then store in 2 inch
          ziplock bags with dosage marked on each bag (for a 10 gallon tank, 20 gallon, 30 gallon, etc.).where they are then
          stored in a dark, dry, room temperature location.

          The fish generally tolerate treatment well, and can be treated again when given at least a week between treatments.

          I have used Levamisole in combination with salt treatments, but I cannot say how it will react in combination with
          other drugs or treatments.

          Greg Sage




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