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    Common Name- Purple passion Danio
    Water Conditions- Not Critical. Temp 70-78, Some water movement, plants
    Behavior- A Very peaceful community fish.
    Breeding- Egg scatterers in typical Danio fashion
    Size- 2.5 - 3.0 inches

    A typical danio, this fish is distinguished by its royal blue color, red fins, and species purity
    as it is often available as a hybrid having been crossed with other danios, such as the albolineatus,
    the pearl danio. An excellent schooling community fish, it is entirely non-aggressive and breeds
    easily when bred in a manner similar to the zebra or giant danio, though it grows slowly and can
    take up to 8 months to fully color up.

    A tank of at least 10 gallons with filtration that provides some water movement and moderate
    aeration will suit up to 3 pairs, and 20-25 fish can be kept by themselves in a 30 gallon tank.
    They will do fine on a quality dry food, and young are raised on vinegar eels (or microworms)
    followed by baby brine shrimp. Plants are not required, but to breed them we use Java moss to
    collect the eggs. Moderate light is provided to best display their color, but little or lots of light
    seems to have little effect on them.

    They will tolerate slightly cooler temps of 70-74 degrees, but are kept here at 72-76 degrees.
    A slightly larger danio, these will probably eat new young livebearer fry as any larger fish would.

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