Xiphophorus montezumae, Tamasopo Videos

The X. montezumae is one of the largest swordtails, whose behavior cannot be compared
to any other. Fairly active, they can be territorial but rarely do one another any harm. For this
reason a male with a group of females produces the best breeding results. The sword can exceed
1.5 times their body length, and they grow and are ready to breed at slightly longer than other
swords, about 6 months. This collage shows the main 50 gallon breeder tank of adults, most of the
males in these video clips exceed 5 inches, and a few approach 6 inches.
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This is an old male of over 3 years that I have had for just 4 months, and that had grown out in smaller tanks.
This fish gives you an idea of the length of the sword possible with this species. The pic of the X. monty
page shows what the sword on a full sized male will become, and it continues to grow as the fish ages.
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This was the first video posted of one of the first adult males. It is still a nice focus on the look and behavior
of this fish.


 The montezumae is certainly the most dramatic of the swordtails. This is a regal fish, and knows it,
the males displaying and chasing one another when comfortable, but can be skittish when a new
face is in the room, requiring plants to hide in to feel comfortable. They also require decent aeration
and filtration, with regular water changes. In a large tank, a group of males is a spectacular sight,
while the females are sleek, and shiny golden with black highlights. When well fed with consistent
water quality these will exceed 5.5 inches. However, this fish is generally not easy to find in the hobby.




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