Zoogoneticus tequila Videos


In this younger group the bright yellow stripe in the tail of the males can be seen  prominently.   These are nearly extinct in the wild, yet breed easily and are fairly hardy in a home aquarium. Click on pics to view.




In this video you can see the charcoal dark black the males become when they are in mating form.  These are nearly extinct in the wild, yet a very attractive aquarium fish.



      Select Aquatics Presents - Z. Tequila,
       Shipping Costs and Water Quality

     One of the rarest fish offered by Select Aquatics,  it has been subject to many efforts to reintroduce
     it has been subject to many efforts to reintroduce  it to the wild.
    This is a pretty, peaceful fish that may be extinct within our lifetimes. Also the reality
     of shipping costs is discussed as well as why box filters are possibly the best filters you can use.


Ten years ago this fish was very rare in the hobby, and has been considered extinct
in the wild for over 30 years. Through careful efforts of of hobbyists, primarily
within the ALA, its numbers have been slowly increasing.

5-15 smaller young (for a goodeid) are born after about 60 days gestation.
Young must be raised separately.





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