Xenotoca lyonsi, Rio Tamazula Video

A very hardy goodeid, the bright yellow tail and overall blue/green sheen distinguishes this
population. Fairly prolific, females should be isolated to drop their fry, which are then raised
separately until large enough to fend for themselves.

         Select Aquatics Presents- X. lyonsi
        and 3 generation Acclimation

     This video introduces a second Xenotoca,  formerly eiseni and now lyonsi, named after
     Dr. John lyons. Customer questions cover Keeping Goodeids Together, and the 3
     generations of acclimation that livebearers  (and likely all fish) go through when
     introduced to a new environment.


A number of populations of this fish exist in the hobby, and it is endangered
in the wild. This is one of the most attractive populations available.

5-15 smaller young (for a goodeid) are born after about 60 days gestation.
Young should be born and raised away from the adults as they will feed on their fry. 



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