Xiphophorus alvarezi Gold 

    Common Name- Alvarezi swordtail Gold
    Water Conditions- Not Critical. Temp 72-80, Some water movement, plants
    Behavior- Very peaceful community fish.
    Breeding- Separate gravid females into separate tank. May eat fry. 10-20 Young after approx.30 days.
    Size- Females- 3.5 inches, Males- 4.0 inches (including sword)

     This line was generated from a series of spontaneous mutations that occurred in 2007.
     While working to isolate wild X. alvarezi that produced fish with 4-5 deep red stripes on their
     sides, the first generation for this Gold line was produced.

     Far more stable genetically that the 4 line fish they were thrown from, this robust fish presents as a healthy
     and beautiful introduction to the hobby. It has been breeding consistently, with larger, more robust individuals
     with each successive generation, and without the concerns of smaller broods and occasionally weak young that
     occurs with the albinos. Currently, breeders are being chosen for both good red and yellow color, as the amount
     of color can vary, with occasional, almost entirely transparent fish being produced.

     Like the regular wild alvarezi, good filtration and aeration should be provided with regular water changes.
     Though they do well on a variety of quality staple flakes, the young are raised here with baby brine shrimp, a variety
     of dry foods and occasional frozen foods.

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