Xiphophorus alvarezi 

    Common Name-The Blue Swordtail
    Water Conditions- Water movement, water changes, Temp. 70-80, plants
    Behavior- A Peaceful community fish.
    Breeding- 10-50 young approx. monthly
    Size- 4-5 inches

    This fish has tremendous color, and with recent breeding efforts has become a large fish with almost painted-on
    red stripes, all with a reflective blue sheen. This fish has always done well, but has recently come to show good
    size and color. A recent picture taken of a current adult male shows the breathtaking color of this fish.
    The red continues to intensify and broaden as the males mature. A small flashlight kept near the tank will bring out
    the blue in the caudal peduncle when observing them. Not as large as the X. mayae, they can still be a large sword,
    with larger males coming close to or surpassing 4 inches. The females also become fairly large, particularly when
    gravid when a large gravid spot can be seen prominently as they are about to drop their fry. They should be kept in
    at least a 15 gallon aquarium for room to swim around and grow to their full size. Like most swords, they are fairly
    active, and the males routinely chase one another for dominance, particularly when being fed. This is not a rare or
    endangered fish in the wild, but is certainly as colorful and dramatic in its wild form as any carefully developed
    domestic line, yet rarely seen in the hobby.

    This fish truly does well in a standard swordtail setup of some water movement and active aeration. They do fine on
    baby brine shrimp- even the adults- but do particularly well when fed worms, such as blackworms or earthworms.
    To keep the water clean, this is a species that truly benefits from a bare bottom tank with a thin layer of gravel, box filter 
    or airstone providing some water movement, with consistent weekly water changes.

    Not the least bit shy, they are always out in the open, and the amount of light offered seems to go unnoticed.

    Females become large with a dark gravid spot as they are about to give birth, and should be moved to their own
    5 or 10 gallon aquarium to drop their fry. The fry are small for a swordtail, but can take baby brine shrimp
    immediately and will grow quickly.

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