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    Water Conditions- Temp. 70-78, Water changes, require plants to hide, keep in 20+ gallon tank
    Behavior- Peaceful community fish, shy
    Breeding- 10-40 Young approx. every 30 days
    Size- 5 inches


    This is a hardy swordtail, and when well fed in a consistent environment that they like, they can be quite prolific.
    The fun with this species is to see how large you can get them with lots of live foods, particularly various
    types of worms (Blackworms, earthworms, etc.) Being a larger fish, they require at least a 20 gallon tank,
    which would be large enough for 2-3 adult pairs. To get them as large as possible, grow them out in tanks no
    smaller than 30 gallons, with few tankmates.

    They require some aeration-generated water movement and plants. They will swim out in front routinely,
    but become shy when startled. Water changes, as with all swordtails that originally lived in streams, are
    essential of at least 10% weekly. Because they are bigger fish, and eat more, keeping the bottom clean of
    debris must be done on a regular basis.

    Because of their inherently shy nature, the breeders here do best in a dim to moderately lit tank, but the
    young are grown out in fully lit tanks moderately planted with Java fern and anubias. Water temperature is
    generally kept at 72-76 degrees.

    Females when about to drop become very large and cannot be kept in a breeder. A separate, covered, filtered
    tank of 5 or 10 gallons, heavily planted with Java moss should be provided for the gravid female. Like all
    swordtails, she will generally have her young between sunup and noon, and should be removed as soon as the
    babies are discovered.

    It was from this line that the female was born that started the high fin line, but there has not been a high
    fin “sport” born since that one fish about 4 years ago.

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