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    Common Name- The Red-Tailed Goodeid
    Water Conditions- Not Critical. Temp 70- 78 Degrees, Plants, Vegetable in Diet
    Behavior- A better behaved population, best kept in species only tanks.
    Breeding- 5-15 Young every 60 Days.
    Size- 2.5 inches

    With water that does not get too warm (above about 76-77 degrees consistently), water changes and decent food, this
    fish is about as hardy as a goodeid can get.  They breed easily with broods of up to 20 fish approximately every 60 days.
    The young are large, and easy to raise, taking baby brine shrimp or even finely crushed flake immediately.
    Like many goodeids, they are officially considered endangered in the wild.

    Omnivorous, they do best with a variety of dry and frozen foods, including food with a vegetable component.

    They are very active, and will eat fry given the opportunity. A heavily planted portion of the tank for the young to hide in
    may be enough, after a healthy sized population is established (Separate the gravid female and raise the young
    separately to build up your numbers). If well fed, they should produce more fry than they will consume. Though they 
    are a smaller fish, and a few will do fine in a 10 gallon tank, for a colony to grow a tank of at least 29 gallons
    should be used.

    One important factor to mention is that at a local university, the department was looking for a species that could   
    overwinter in an unheated greenhouse. They were kept in a 12' long trout runner, planted with natural vegetation.
    The temperatures would fall to 45-50 degrees at times, with water temperatures of 50-55 degrees overwinter. 
    A number of species were tried, and this line of X. eiseni both thrived and bred seasonally, increasing their
    numbers over the three years they were kept this way. A very cold water tolerant goodeid!

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