Girardinus metallicus



    Common Name- The Black Chin livebearer
    Water Conditions- Not Critical. Temp 70- 78 Degrees, Plants, Vegetable in Diet, Water Movement
    Behavior-  Good Community Fish, Small fry may be Eaten by other Fish
    Breeding- 10-30 Young born after 25-30 Day Gestation.
    Size- 2.0 inches


     A very hardy, attractive and reasonably prolific fish, the metallicus is originally from Cuba, but has been
     introduced to a number of places in the US. A popular aquarium fish worldwide, the black coloration from
     the jaw to the gonopodium on the males is not the normal wild coloration. That trait, however, is found in
     many wild populations. Today, the metallicus is in the hobby carrying the black coloration, and also
     without, though the Black coloration is far more popular. Non black marked males can be difficult to
     obtain. However, when breeding them, an occasional male will appear without it, and most hobbyists
     cull them to maintain the colored line.

     Females are best separated to have their fry, allowed to drop their fry in a 10 gallon tank filled with fine
     leaved plants such as Java moss or Najas grass. Remove the female after she has dropped and raise the
     fairly small fry on BBS and finely powdered flake food, releasing them in with the adults at about a month


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