Postal Rate Increases as of June 19,  2019



     Postal rates have gradually increased since selectaquatics began in 2009. At that time, 2 groups of six 2-4 month old unsexed could be shipped
     Overnight Express for $45-$50. Until June 15, 2019, those same 2 groups of six 2-4 month old unsexed could be shipped to most parts of the US for 
     $85-$90. Shipping cost was determined by the combination of box weight and distance from Denver.

     On June 15, USPS added a dimensional surcharge to every box, and reconfigured the shipping charges so that the various box sizes I use here at
     Select Aquatics will each be a certain cost, up to a certain weight, such that the weight of each box was no longer the determining factor in shipping
     cost. The prices given as examples below are for a box being shipped from near Denver (where Select Aquatics is located), to New York City.
     Destinations closer to Colorado will be slightly less, those further will be slightly more.


     The New Rate Structure:

     Until June 15th, a box that was 14.5 x 12 x 12, with two groups of six 2-4 month old unsexed, weighing in at just about 4 lbs cost $85-90 to ship.
     This size box is perfect for two groups, and was also used to ship a single group when extra insulation for the fish was desired. A single group
     in that size box would cost $65-$70 to ship . With the new dimensional surcharge, that same box is now $108.35, for a weight of up to 13 lbs.
     14.5x12x12 can hold up to two 2-4 month old groups, weighing 7-8 lbs. The next size box, 15.5 x 15 x 15 is $145.30 for up to 21 lbs.

     Prices increase as box sizes increase, so with an order larger than two groups of six 2-4 month old unsexed, requiring larger boxes, the postal rates
     can be as much as 50% higher than what they had been in the past. However, there may be the opportunity to keep shipping cost down by aiming
     for the maximum weight for any specific box size, and I will certainly discuss that with you when you email me with your order.

     Fish are shipped as efficiently for weight and space as possible, each individually bagged in breather bags for maximum survival. Current losses
     are below .5%.

     These price changes affect everyone nationally, and I am still able to ship up to four pair or two groups of six 2-4 month old unsexed at the 
     lower $85-90 cost range for most species at this time.
The cost to ship two pair, or one group of six 2-4 month old unsexed will stay at $65-70 
     until rates change again.

     None of these changes affect USPS 3-5 Day Priority Hard Good shipments (Gen II Pleco Caves, Rapid Grow Aquarium Plant Fertilizer, Levamisole
     or Sodium Thiosulfate dechlorinator.)



     When you wish to place an order, simply email me with your order and your ZIP Code, will send you back a quote with the shipping cost and
     and the next available day to ship. When I give you the estimate in your quote, if I happen to over estimate your shipping cost by more than $6,
     I will refund the entire difference back to you, so that you will only pay what the Post Office charges me.
     The one price shipping cost for the plecos will need to be adjusted to compensate for the new shipping rates, and I will post what the new rates
     will be prior to the next release of the Green Dragons at the 2-3 inch unsexed size. That should occur late fall, early spring.

     It would be normal, I imagine, for me at this point to conclude this by saying that "I apologize for the raise in postal rates", but I have nothing to
     do with them, and am doing my best to work with them so that I am still able to get these especially beautiful and rare fish out to you!


     Why Not UPS or Fedex?

     I receive all of my biological quality Styrofoam boxes through a contract with a local University, and UPS will not accept my boxes. As well, 
     UPS shipping costs are still 2-3x the cost of USPS, and in recent meetings with them, they conceded that even if I were to provide
     appropriate boxes for them, they would not be able to charge less than 50% more than what USPS currently charges. FedEx will not accept 
     deliveries of live fish from this area.

     Thank you for your understanding, and I will keep this page updated for any changes as they occur -

     If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to drop me an email, and I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

     Thank you!

     Greg Sage
     Owner, Select Aquatics





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