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    Select Aquatics breeds affordable,
    quality, specialty tropical fish for
    hobbyists and conservation
    research. Most are not often
    seen and many are endangered  
    or extinct in the wild. This site 
    is also a one stop place for 
    fishkeeping information on
    how best to keep these

    If you are keeping an aquarium,
    you have the opportunity to help
    preserve species that are about to
    go extinct in the wild. As well, due
    to increased export restrictions,
    many species are at risk of
    disappearing from the hobby.
    The fish offered here are hardy,
    generally not difficult to care
    for, and may depend on
    hobbyists such as yourself to
    maintain their availability. 

              Select Aquatics of Erie, CO.

        Select Aquatics maintains a
        fairly consistent collection
        of 20+ species/lines that
        are bred here and posted as
        available. If you wish to buy
        anything on this page, or wish 
        to see a new species offered, 
        please contact Greg Sage at .


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                  We breed and sell  only the most attractive,
                                    robust lines available!

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- One Price $40 Shipping
        on all orders of Plecos Only!

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         Xenotoca doadrioi 
              San Marcos
          Pethia padamya 
             Odessa Barb


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    "Select Aquatics strives to provide
    Friendly, Prompt, and Professional
    service for every customer. We
    ship Affordable, Top Quality Fish,
    with the Care and Personal
    Assistance to ensure a positive
    online fish buying experience ."




    Ordering new species you've never
    kept from someone you don't know
    with water different than yours can
    be scary. Some assurance that in
    6 months the fish will still be doing
    well would be ideal, particularly
    since many of these fish are rare
    or hard to obtain.

    From your first email to inquire
    about ordering until the moment
    they arrive, we will keep in close
    touch to answer any questions you
    may have so that you know exactly
    what you are getting, and precisely
    when they will be sent. Care
    information for each species is
    also provided Here.

    Postage is never overcharged, and
    extras are nearly always sent with
    carefully done, professional
    shipping. To help ensure they do
    well for you, a Care Guide is
    provided for each species from
    the link below. Be sure to check
    the updated comments at "What 
    Do Customers Think of Select 
    Aquatics" at the link just above!

  Six 2-4 Mo. unsexed - $40
   Young sexed pairs - $20


  X. doadrioi Species Page
  X. doadroi Video Page
  X. doadrioi Care Page
  X. doadrioi Feature Video

    Young sexed pairs - $17

          Not Available

  Odessa Species Page
  Odessa Video Page
  Odessa Care page
  Odessa Breeding Videos

           Check Out Greg Sage
         Being Interviewed about
             Select Aquatics!
        On "The Aquarist Podcast"
            with Randy Reed! 
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      "A Slightly Different Approach
            for Buying Swordtails"




            In Depth Essays
             and Information
           For Free Download

   A cleaner Approach
   A modern Approach
   A Practical Understanding
   Aquarium Maintenance
   Aquarium Setting Up
   Aquarium Stands, Making
   Automatic Water Change System
   Beginning Fishkeeping Overview
   Breeding Livebearers
   Fish Adjustment
   Fishkeeping Tips
   Fishroom, Setting Up
   Harvesting Livebearer Fry
   Keeping Alfaro cultratus
   Keeping Green Dragons
   Keeping Odessa Barbs
   Keeping Poecilia velifera
   Keeping Xiph. montezumae
   Live Foods
   New to These Fish?
   Repairing an Aquarium
   Selective Breeding
   Setting up a Fishroom
   Troubleshooting / Fixit Guide
   Plus Many more here!


              Limia Tiger 
     Lake Miragoane, Haiti
      Synodontis lucipinnis
         Lake Tanganyika
   Six 2-4 Mo. unsexed - $35
   Young sexed pairs - $17


   Limia Tiger Species Page
   Limia TigerVideo Page
   Limia Tiger Care Page
   Limia Tiger Feature Video
  1-2 inch unsexed - $10.00
      Under 1 inch - $8.50

        Not Available

  S. lucipinnis Species Page
S. lucipinnis Video Page
S. lucipinnis Care Page
  S. lucipinnis Feature Video

       Xiphophorus mayae 
      Rio Bellaire, Honduras
     Green Dragon Ancistrus
    2-4 month old Unsexed - $35

          Not Available

  X. mayae Species Page
X. mayae Video Page
X. mayae Care Page
X. mayae Feature Video
      2-3 inch unsexed - $25
        Sexed fish - $35

   2-3 Inch unsexed and
   Sexed Fish - Unavailable

  Green Dragon Species Page
  Green Dragon Video Page
  Green Dragon Care Page
  Gen II Pleco Caves Video

            Current Colorado Dept. of
         Agriculture Inspection of
          Select Aquatics available


       Ameca splendens
         Rio Teuchitlan
    Ataeniobius toweri
   Anteojitos, San Marcos
   Rio Verde, SLP Mexico
      2-3 inch unsexed - $35
         Sexed Pairs - $17

           Not Available

  A. splendens Species  Page
  A. splendens Video Page
  A. splendens Care Page
  A. splendens Feature Video
   Young Pairs - $20

         Not Available

  I. furcidens Species Page
. furcidens Video Page
I. furcidens Care Page

    Limit 2 pair per customer

        About Select Aquatics   

        The Goodeids

        The Swordtails

        Breeding These Fish

        Keeping Plants

        Books and References

        Keeping These Fish

        Receiving Shipped Fish

        Frequently Asked Questions  

        Speaking and Appearances

        Care Guides for all Species



        to purchase any of these fish.
           Extras are sent with every
               carefully packed box.

         Payment by Paypal, check
                  or money order.
                  Paypal account:
         Please drop us an email if
         you have any questions or
         concerns about anything at
          the site - simply email and
             we will get right back
                to you. Thank you!

         Xiphophorus helleri
              Rio Otapa
      Poecilia velifera
     Yucatan Peninsula
Six 2-4 Mo. unsexed - $35

           Not Available

   X. helleri Species Page
   X. helleri Video Page
   X. helleri Care Page
Six 2-4 Mo. unsexed - $40

       Not Available

  P. velifera Species Page
  P. velifera Video Page
  P. velifera Care Page
  P. velifera Feature Video

     The Tools we use here to
       Best Keep These Fish -
         Available For Sale!



       Look For Select Aquatics on





        If your organization would like
       an in-depth, informative and
       entertaining presentation on
       Livebearers, Selective Breeding
       or other topics, Greg Sage is
       available to come out and speak
       to your club.

       Click HERE for current
       talks and more information

       Please contact us at
       for available dates.


        Limia nigrofasciata
         Lake Miragoane
      Ataeniobius toweri
   Anteojitos, San Marcos
   Rio Verde, SLP Mexico
     Six 2-4 Mo. unsexed - $40
      Young sexed pairs - $20

        Not Available

  L. nigrofasciata Species Page
  L. nigrofasciata Video Page
  L. nigrofasciata Care Page
   Young Sexed Pairs- $20

      Not Available

  A. toweri Species Page
  A. toweri Video Page
  A. toweri Care Page  

     The Original Dechlorination
       Product! 1 lb. will treat
     many thousands of .gallons!
      Just $10 + $8 Shipping!
        See More Info HERE.



                         An open letter
 to Serious Hobbyists, Universities,
              Fish Sellers and Breeders. 

   Xiphophorus montezumae
           Rio Tamasopo
           Xenotoca lyonsi
             Rio Tamazula
   Six 2-4 Mo. unsexed - $50

       Not Available

  X. montezumae Species Page
X. montezumae Video Page
X. montezumae Care Page
   Young sexed pairs - $17

       Not Available

  X. lyonsi Species Page
  X. lyonsi Video Page
  X. lyonsi Care Page
  X. lyonsi Feature Video

         Rapid Grow Aquarium Plant

            Mixed here from quality
           Hydroponics ingredients,
          adapted for aquarium use
            with the manufacturers.
            One container will treat
          44,000 gallons! Dose 1-2x
         monthly. Perfectly harmless
            to fish and inverts, with
            dramatic plant growth.
           $30 includes shipping
                for 1 container.

             Gen II Pleco Caves
                  In two Sizes!

      With many improvements over the
        first pleco cave, this is the cave
        to have if you are serious about
        breeding the Green Dragons!
                 See more HERE

     Green Dragon Shortfin        Zoogoneticus tequila
          Rio Teuchitlan
       2 inch unsexed = $15

         Not Available

  GD Shortfin Species Page
  GD Shortfin Video Page
  GD Shortfin  Care Page

     Young Sexed Pairs - $20

        Not Available

  Z. tequila Species Page
Z. tequila Video Page
Z. tequila Care Page
  Z. tequila Feature Video

        Levamisole hydrochloride

         This is the best treatment
           available for parasites,
         worms, and "Livebearer
       Disease" See more HERE.

          Effective and immediate.
          1/4 teaspoon treats 100
          10 gram packet- $20
          20 gram packet- $35
          52 gram packet- $60
          Prices include shipping.

   Neocaridina sp. Shrimp
        Group of 20+ - $10


  N. Shrimp Species Page
  N. Shrimp Video Page
  N. Shrimp  Care Page

    If you do not see a species you are waiting
    for, such as the two populations of the
    Characodons, they are here and being
    bred out, and will be posted as available
    as soon as they are ready. the only species
    I no longer maintain here is the wild form
    of the X. alvarezi.



                              What's Happening at Select Aquatics


                                       Spring 2019


          We are going through some transition here at Select Aquatics, and some big infrastructure changes
          are being made to boost the availability of the Poecilia velifera, Xiphophorus Montezuma and the
          Green Dragons, as well as many of the more popular species here..

          In fact, the work being done will be the focus of the next Select Aquatics Video,
          "Select Aquatics Presents - Central Sumps and getting your PhD in PVC!"

          So while this work is going on, a number of species are not listed as available at this time, and many
          species that have been offered routinely in the past will be back up and posted again as available
          once this work is completed.

          This year, to keep customers better informed of when a species becomes available, I will be posting
          a video announcement when a species is ready to be shipped, and how many I have available. With
          a subscription to the Select Aquatics Youtube Channel, you will receive those notifications, and then
          these species will be posted here as available. These videos will be entitled "Select Aquatics
          Available", and they will start to be posted following the posting of the Central Sump Video.

          A new homepage is in process to be posted soon as well, and I will be introducing a shopping cart
          for all of the hard goods- the levamisole hydrochloride, pleco caves, Rapid Grow Aquarium Plant Fertilizer
          and the sodium thiosulfate, so that emailing me will no longer be necessary for those products.

         Thank you for your patience while these changes are being put into place, and I am looking forward
         to having many of these most popular species again available on a more regular basis!

          Thank you!

          Greg Sage



                    Mr. Sage provided me with the best experience I could've asked for. The wonderful fish he breeds are priced
               very affordably, and are super high quality.

              He always responded to our emails swiftly and was extremely helpful with any questions and concerns we had.
              His packaging of the fish was phenomenal, and all (even the extras!) arrived across the country in excellent

              They are beautiful, healthy, and active. it was incredibly stress-free as I knew I could trust the process.
              Despite a small delay due to the USPS, Greg quickly assured us that the fish would be fine.

              Mr. Sage has a great reputation in the livebearer hobby, and I can say he has totally lived up to that
              reputation for me and I'm looking forward to ordering from him again! I seriously can't recommend him
              enough. Thank you for all you do for the hobby, Mr. Sage!

             Christina K. NY


                 First, off thank you for the beautiful fish. Every time I receive a new species from you I am always surprised by 
              how much more beautiful they are in real life versus the picture. The Alfaro cultratus you sent for example are far more 
              stunning than any picture I have ever seen of them. That includes Google image searches.

              Jay G., The Woodlands, TX


                Hi Greg,
             The Odessa barbs are here, in GREAT shape, and currently 'acclimatizing' in a 5 gallon bucket with my own 
              graduated drip system.

             Thank you very, VERY much for your attention and care and patience with me throughout this process. I've been 
             receiving fish via express mail for 30 years but your packing is a whole new universe from what I've ever experienced.

            Thank you again for the 'bonus' fish which I counted as 8 but my wife insists is 9. She also could not believe the packing
            or condition of the fish. Also, thank you for the anticipated forwarding of the rebate check for the excess shipping charge.
            When everything stabilizes, I'll forward some pics. Again this has been the best fish purchasing experience I've ever had.

            Ed D. Rio verde, AZ


                                                                See "What Do Customers Think of Select Aquatics" Here


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