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    Select Aquatics breeds affordable,
    quality specialty tropical fish for
    hobbyists and conservation research.
    Most are not often seen, and many
    are endangered or extinct in the
    wild. is also
    a one stop site for fishkeeping

    If you are keeping an aquarium,
    you have the opportunity to help
    preserve species that are about to
    go extinct in the wild. As well, due
    to increased export restrictions,
    many species are also at risk of
    disappearing from the hobby.
    The fish offered here are hardy,
    generally not difficult to care
    for, and may depend on
    hobbyists such as yourself to
    maintain their availability. 

                Select Aquatics of Erie, CO.

        Select Aquatics maintains a
        fairly consistent collection
        of 20+ species/lines that
        are bred here and posted as
        available. If you do not see
        a desired species, or wish to
        see a new species offered, 
        please contact Greg Sage at .



                  We breed and sell  only the most attractive,
                                    robust lines available!

            Select Aquatics Lineup

            Zoogoneticus tequila*
                Rio Teuchitlan

            Possibly extinct in wild
         Hardy, Attractive, Peaceful,
                 Easy to breed
            $7.50 each, 5 fry- $30

      - Entirely Re-Done,
          Updated Fishroom Page!
       - New Fishkeeping Tips #14
          on Building Tank stands!
       - Also, What Do Customers
          Order? Check it Out!


       Xiphophorus mayae
        Rio Bellaire, Honduras

         Largest swordtail in world!
           Colorful, Hardy, prolific
         Sexed adolescents- $7.50
           6 unsexed young- $30     

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      "Select Aquatics strives to provide
      Friendly, Prompt, and Professional
      service for every customer. We
      ship Affordable, Top Quality Fish,
      with the Care and personal
      assistance to ensure a positive
      online fish buying experience ."





     Ordering new species you've never
     kept from someone you don't know
     with water different than yours can
     be scary. Some assurance that in
     6 months the fish will still be doing
     well would be ideal, particularly since
     many of these fish are rare or hard
     to obtain.

     From your first email to inquire about
     ordering until the moment they arrive,
     we will keep in close touch to answer
     any questions you may have so that
     you know exactly what you are getting,
     and precisely when they will be sent.
     Care information for each species is
     also provided Here.

     Postage is never overcharged, and
     extras are nearly always sent with
     carefully done, professional shipping.
     To help ensure they do well for you, a
     Care Guide is provided for each species
     from the link above. Be sure to check
     the updated comments at "What Do
     Customers Think of Select Aquatics"
     at the link just above!




     Species Currently Available:

         Alfaro cultratus
Ameca splendens
         Ilyodon furcidens
         Limia "Tiger"
         Neocaridina Shrimp
Plecostomus Green Dragon
Puntius padamya (Odessa)
Xenotoca eiseni, "San Marcos"
Xiphophorus alvarezi
Xiphophorus alvarezi "Gold"
Xiphophorus helleri "Rio Otapa"
Xiphophorus mayae
Zoogoneticus tequila


         Email for Availability:
Poecilia velifera
Xiphophorus alvarezi Albino
         Xiphophorus montezumae

   Species for Sale Page
   Care Guides for Each Species


                Check Out the
     "How Hard Are They?"



    Expanded Fry Deals- Click Here!



      "A Slightly Different Approach
            for Buying Swordtails"



    Plecostomus "Green
      Dragon" Long Fin

            2-2.5 inches- $15
      Many available, email for
            size availability
    Other Plecos Available HERE
       Xiphophorus mayae
        Rio Bellaire, Honduras

         Largest swordtail in world!
           Colorful, Hardy, prolific
         Sexed adolescents- $7.50
           6 unsexed young- $30
           Ilyodon furcidens

       Selectively bred for coloration
     and markings. Hardy, very large
     young. Sexed adolescents- $7.50
             6 unsexed fry- $30
         Xiphophorus alvarezi
         The "Blue Swordtail"       

     Beautiful red striped wild swordtail
            Hardy, 5 in., peaceful.
                6 for $30,
       Sexed fish as available. $7.50.

           Alfaro cultratus
           "Knife Livebearer"

             Attractive, Hardy,
             Active, Peaceful,
         Schooling, Breeds Easily.
           $6.50 each, 6 fry- $30
         Ameca splendens*
             Rio Teuchitlan

           Critically endangered.
           Hardy, Breeds easily.
           $7.50 each, 5 fry- $30
        About Select Aquatics   

        The Goodeids

        The Swordtails

        Breeding These Fish

        Keeping Plants

        Books and References

        Keeping These Fish

        Receiving Shipped Fish

        Frequently Asked Questions  

        Speaking and Appearances

        Care Guides for all Species



            Current Colorado Dept. of
            Agriculture Inspection of
            Select Aquatics available



          Xenotoca eiseni*
     San marcos

      Endangered and attractive, 
      Very hardy, easy to breed.
        $7.50 each, 6 fry- $30
       Puntius padamya

       Incredible color, 5 years
          of careful breeding.
             Pairs available.
   Males- $6.50, Females- $6.00,
        6 unsexed young - $30

    Fall  2015

   -- The latest rounds of construction are completed, with extensive electrical work and continued
      replacement of stands going on. Throughout all of this I enjoy corresponding with hobbyists
      on how to maintain certain fish, or to determine the best fish for a particular setup.
      As a result I get a lot of emails, and I make every effort to return every email within 48 hrs.
      IF I DO NOT, your email may have been lost, so PLEASE resend it, and I will get right back
      to you, with many apologies!

  -- I have recently come into possession of three new populations that will be offered for sale soon.
     if you are interested, email me at After much searching, we are
     breeding out good numbers of the large yellow population of X. birchmanni- a spectacular fish. Also
     we now have a newly discovered pop. of C. lateralis, and Limia perugia! Both to be offered soon.

  -- Alfaro cultratus, Ameca splendens, Ilyodon furcidens, Limia Tiger, X. helleri Rio Otapa
Xenotoca eiseni, X. alvarezi (Limited adults), X. mayae (Limited adults), Z. tequila,  
     and Neocaridina shrimp,  are currently in good supply.

   -- X. montezumae, Characodon lateralis, Characodon audax, and the X. alvarezi Gold are being
      allowed to build their numbers, and should be available in a couple months.

  --  A large batche of new Odessa fry is now 3 months old, and not yet colored up fish are available
      and can be bought inexpensively in groups of 6 (with  two extras) for $30 to get a school started.
      two extras) for $30 to get a school started. Colored up, sexed fish are available in limited numbers.
    --- The Longfin Green Dragon 2-3 inch unsexed Plecos are always in good supply, but the next
      wave of sexed fish will not be ready for a couple months. Many 2 - 3 inch unsexed fish available.

    --- Poecilia velifera (The Giant Sailfin Molly), has done very well, and is moving into larger tanks
        to offer sexed pairs down the road. They will be offered again as numbers build in new tanks.
    --- A new Fishkeeping #14 page is up on how to build a great, sturdy aquarium rack, and a
        new, updated fishroom page was just put up. As well, check out the
         "What are Customers Buying" page to see a percentage breakdown of the fish species 
        sold here! (8-3-15)

    "Tiger" Limia, Haiti
        Lake Miragoane

          Not yet identified.
         Attractive. Easy to
           keep and breed.
          6 young fish- $30
   Xiphophorus alvarezi
A new line. red striped,
   yellow, pure wild swordtail.
       Not a hybrid. Hardy.
   Sexed young As available.
            $7.50 each
    Xiphophorus helleri
              Rio Otapa

       Young pairs available
     A most attractive large,
          wild swordtail.
    $7.50 each, 6 young - $40
    Neocaridina Shrimp

    Peaceful scavenger, eats
    algea, Natural color, Do not
    bother fry. Are not eaten by 
    most fish here.
    Prolific. 1/2 - 3/4 inch.
            $.50 each

       Click on Species names to link to pages for further
                   care and species information.
      Email to purchase 
      any of these fish. Extras are sent with every carefully
      packed box. Payment by Paypal, check or money
      order. Paypal account:

       Please drop us an email if you have any questions
       or concerns about anything at the site, and we
               will get right back to you. Thank you!

     *Endangered or extinct in the wild


             Look For Select Aquatics on









    Hey Greg just got em! Never saw
    a better and more professional
    packing job. All critters arrived
    alive and were picking at food in
    the tank in no time. Those breather
    bags are great! The furcidens are
    wild looking, the mayae are still
    younger n not settled in as much.
    Thx fir the extras. The young mayae,
    some look sexable with the black
    spot females get. Great colors on
    them already. Great job, thx again.
    Consider me a new customer! Pleasure
    doing business.Regards
    Ken B, New Jersey

    The fish are absolutely fantastic.
    Love em. I have dealt with many vendors,
    but hands down, you are the best.
    Phenomenal fish with extra. The packing
    and shipping were perfect. Great
    communication and knowledge.
    Cannot wait to get more.
    Thank you much.
    Ralph D. New Jersey

    When I got up today (I work
    overnights) I had a box waiting
    for me on my front porch.
    Your shipping was flawless
    and the fish appear to be too.
    Thanks very much. Thanks also
    for the extras!
    Andy KJ, MN

    Thanks for the great fish. I really
    like your selection and will be back
    for more. All the fish started eating
    right away and have not stopped. They
    are growing very rapidly. I was also
    so happy to have dealt with someone
    who returned every email quickly and
    answered all my question's completely,
    never skirted around an issue or
    presumed I knew something. I wish
    all my fish purchases and even
    purchases in general were such a
    pleasure . Right from the start
    I felt confident that you would
    handle everything perfectly and
    all I had the do was open the
    box and put the fish in my tanks.
    It was truly a pleasure to do
    business with you and I am
    looking forward to it again.
    Bob B. Cincinatti, Ohio

     "Thanks again for not only the fish
    but the information and excellent
    customer service. You are honestly
    one of the best fish sellers I have
    had the privilege of ordering from."
    R.P. Temple Hills, Maryland

    "Your quick responses, detailed
    answers, and willingness to go the
    extra mile are what sets you apart
    from other fish experiences I have
    A.H, Clemson, S.C.

    "The longfin green dragon plecos
    that you sent me are beautiful!
    They are of excellent quality!
    Every single one made it! You did
    a fantastic job packaging them, and
    had great communication throughout
    the transaction! Thank you for
    sending extras. I look forward to my
    next order as I will definitely be a
    repeat customer.
    A++++ transaction!!!!
    Alex - Pembroke Pines, FL


             If your organization would like
             an in-depth, informative and
             entertaining presentation on
             Livebearers, Selective Breeding
             or other topics, Greg Sage is
             available to come out and speak
             to your club.

             Click HERE for current
             talks and more information

             Please contact us at
             for available dates.



       Now Available to Best Keep These


                   4" Air Driven Box Filters
           See Filtration Video for Demonstrations of use.
               Never wear out. No moving parts, sturdy
             construction, no airstone, just hook up to an
              air pump. Comes with precut 4" lift tube.
                     Up to 6 per order at this time.
                          $9.00 each + shipping.

                   Check This Out!

       Ever Wonder What Other Customers
         are Ordering? Want to know which
          fish offered here are Most Popular- 
       and which ones... maybe not so much?
                  Click HERE to find Out!

          Cargill .3mm 51% Protein Mini Pellet
        Used here after trying many foods, excellent
                when alternated with a veggie flake.
                  1/2 lb. $11.00 includes shipping
                   1 lb. $15.00 includes shipping.


         Rapid Grow Aquarium plant Fertilizer

         Mixed here from quality Hydroponics ingredients,
         adapted to aquarium use with the manufacturers.
         One container will treat 44,000 gallons! Dose 1-2x
         monthly. Perfectly harmless to fish and inverts,
         with spectacular plant growth.
             $20 includes shipping for 1 container.


                  Levamisole Hydrochloride

          Treats worms and most parasites, including
       camallanus worms and the parasite that causes
         "Livebearer Disease". Effective and immediate.
      1/4 teaspoon treats 100 gallons. More info HERE.
             20 gram packet- $30 (Includes Shipping)
             52 gram packet- $56 (Includes Shipping)


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